Sunday, February 12, 2012


Always remember this no matter how hard it gets... the difference between giving up and moving on.. creates that miracle... We all have short and long term goals.. focus on the short term... climb each hill , each change you make and you keep.. is part of that miracle...
I can only tell you from my life experiences what I have learned... and I have learned that we all have something we have to "DEAL" with ..  so whatever your "DEAL" is... the only way things will every change. is to really make that concrete decision to make it happen..  NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE~

 So for me my Miracle will be the steps I make every day towards getting stronger.. being focused when managing my pain.. and making my body healthier so it can handle and process the pain bettter...  I have dropped the ball many times because of Fibro.. I have shrugged things off  because I just wanted to sit curled up in a chair and not move thinking the pain would somehow stop... and what I came to realize it... it simply does not matter what I do.. I am always in pain.. that being said... and that being my number one challenge I have to fight it every day..  .. a PT once said to me... You know Honi it simply does not matter that it hurts anymore.. because no matter what you do you will have pain so why not exercise.. its not going to make things worse .. So tomorrow  I moisy into week  3 of gtting to the gym at 6 am... tomorrow I have a series of stretching exercising to do and then will do the bike for 30 minutes.. I must believe I can achieve this.. even though I go forward with a weary heart... Thursday we finalize the eating portion.. and then combine both the exercise and eating together.. so hopefully each week I will have more and more miracles.. I wish the same for you...

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