Thursday, February 16, 2012


So I went to my meeting  and took the RMR... it came across with some suprising news  in fact so suprise my doc was even surprised as well as the nutritionist.. too.. she is a tiny little person and told me my metabolism was better than hers even... So this was a positive.. everything else came out as expected.. still have to keep up with the potassium supliments as well as getting 76 grams of  protein and including extra  potassium rich foods in the plan... to make it really simple.. we decided that I will count calories and  protein... keeping my calories at 1300 or below and making sure to get in the protein in that calorie range which  is easy..

was glad to hear I can still use plant based protein  as I digest that so much easier... so I am working with that as well.. all and all it will not be an easy road.. goals are set... I am focused and I feel good...

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