Monday, February 13, 2012


So how many times have you said to yourself .. this is it.... this is my time!... and in your heart you really mean that...  so time goes on... and on and on..and you are keeping your promise.. and then something happens.. be it a family event... a tragedy... a job change... or whatever... something rocks your world and you open the hatch and let it all go... all you have worked for over the last few months , eating well, establishing a regular fitness routine... etc... all gone... something rocked your world and made you let go of your goals...  so you create a failure ... and the key is not letting it hold you down in the muck that it is... You have to get up.. dust off and move on... and that is where it is the hardest... but once you do it.. you move forward...

So here I am again... so here you are again....    aiming for sucess.. and not letting the failures define us.

Got 6.13 miles in today on the recumbent bike...  146 calories burned.. (that alone is a great food stopper to think it took me 30 minutes and 57 seconds to burn off 146 calories...  why would I let myself down by making unhealthy choices when it takes that much effort to burn a measly 146 calories... ) its makes you think thats for sure...

Looking forward to Thursday ... looking forward to my succss and like it says above.. SUCCESS is never final.. its reaching the goals you set for yourself and developing new goals through out your life..
To our mutual success!

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