Sunday, February 26, 2012


As I mentioned before I am loving my sports blender.. serious passionate love..

I am even more in love with my new Ninja Chopper...  I made a wonderful strawberry and mango puree ( the mango was frozen cubes... and with the fresh strawberries created a slushy natural delight... Steve and I shared it.. and he loved it.. I loved when he said you know we now have all sorts of possibilities with this not only with fruits but think of the salsa we can make to accompany chicken  or something  there are a world of possibilities... i was just thinking more of an easy chopping device.. Gotta keep my hands of the jalepenos... no more chemical burns for me... and I was thinking of the fruit and other veggies too..

We took a great motorcycle ride around the city .. it was fun.. and came home.. doing the usual house stuff now and taking it easy..
Been a sweet day..

Othewise back to the grind tomorrow...
starting the day with the gym and a homemade smoothie.. and then its off to workie we go..

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  1. I wondered how that little Ninja would perform. I think you put me more at ease with your review. I agree no chemical burns on the hands....oww. Glad you were able to get out on the bike. Sounds like lots of fun!:D