Sunday, February 5, 2012


We decided to make our own Pizza from scratch .. since that was what we both wanted but wanted to make it a bit healthier ..however healthy it can be ... I think we did a good job.... we have done it before... but not for a very long time and we took a different process this time... I posted photos on FB...  it was tasty.. and filling with all the veggies on it...

 Talked with a friend who had done the Optifast program and she was very candid with me.. she felt they had dropped the ball with her.. seemed all of her class ( this was 2 years ago) dropped out of the program but her... she had lost 45 pounds.. and wanted to continue... however they did not want to teach just one person and wanted to transfer  her to not only a different class but in a different building with out the free parking let alone finding a parking place if she did not want to park in the garage... I think she felt they abandoned her by trying to pass her on to another group ... and then telling her she would have to come to them and get her shakes then go to the other buidling for her class.. she finally dropped the program.. she gained about 30 pounds back and is now following a program through her church... eathing nothing but fruit, veggies , seeds and nuts... no sugars , no processed and all raw.. she is going to start adding fish and chicken to her program too.. she lost about 7 pounds so far.. wishing her much luck on her road to better health... I am not going to let this shake me and everyones experience is there own.. I know what I want to do.. and if they push me towards something I do not want to do.. I will walk out.. non the poorer and find something that works for Honi.. hopefully it will work out like I want.. I can join the Lifestyles program and be on my way... Tomorrow I go to PT... Tuesday the gym.. Wed PT .. thursday the gym an Friday the gym... I think I am going to start logging my food too.. and see what really is going into this body of mine... 2 things I have learned I always feel better when I log my food it helps me keep it real and with this little lose it app on my phone .. tracking is a piece of cake.. ...

well back to the super bowl comercials..

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