Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I had a choice this morning... not much sleep at all... an encouraging thought from my wonderfully sweet husband helped me get myself to the gym by 6 am~ 5 miles DONE between SDAT and RB .. glad about the distance and working on bringing up the RPMs.. thats the good news... sitting with the compression ice pack on my foot.. I think I might have over done it a bit... ice is helping .. 

Sometimes the pain is so frustrating.. but I just have to work through it..
 Below is  is the story of our dinner last night.. I love to create  new recipes that my husband enjoys.. and that I enjoy too.. I like tilapia so much better than Salmon...
The above photo is dinner last night... 
here is how it went down.. I used a WW recipe for my base

They said use light mayo and 2 whole eggs

I used fake eggs and no light mayo

Parmesean  Italian bread crumb encrusted Tilapia  

I took Italian bread crumbs ( next time will use italian panko crumbs since they are finer)
a little bit of italian mixed light organic cheese.. ( next time will use just parmesean ) 
mixed that  together

In another bowl  i added  egg substitute

 I dredged  2 8 ounce  Tilapia fillets through the egg substitute
then I dredged them through the bread crumb mixture 
I baked on a convection setting of 350 in the oven for about 20 minutes .. checking occassionally to make sure I did not over bake...

I took 3 red skin potatos and quartered them  sprayed them with pam used a little garlic salt , pepper  , rosemary and malt vinegar.. I tossed the potatos around to coat them well.. then stuck them in the oven  at about 425 .. first in regular bake then convection at 400..  I took the potatos out ever 10 minutes and added more malt vinegar .. and tossed them around a bit to coat them.. then put them back in the over .. in total they roasted for about 40 minutes..
when the potatoes had been in the oven for about 10 minutes I put the fish in the other oven.. ( toaster convection oven) ..  I heated up some Victoria Marinara sauce.. just a little..
after the fillets where done and the potatos roasted... 
I plated  them.. and poured a little victorias sauce on  each fillet and sprinkled just a little shredded italian mixture cheese on each.. then I  added some delightful Israeli salad I had made earlier in the week.. ( the more it marinates the better it tastes) .. 
Tasty dinner.. next time I probably will do half the amount of fish .. I am guessing that when i start the program.. i will  have to back down on the portion size of the fish... I was okay with it last night since i had not had much for lunch because I was running errands most of the day.. 
Well time to get busy for the day..

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