Friday, July 26, 2013

Cookie Girl

COOKIE is my Aussie Chocolate Lab mix... and she my oldest baby.. we found her in a old playpen at a flea market this boy was told he had to get rid of the puppys that day... she was 8 weeks old.. my husband picked her .. I had picked her and the runt and could not make up my mind ( to this day I wish I had gotten both)... she was free then but cost about 800.00 in vet bills to get her healthier.. that was August of 2004 .. Cookie is approaching her senior years now... 

Today was a great day .. she was playful and happy....  she did not eat this morning which is not unusual for her.. sometimes she just does not eat..  Shayna our lab german sheperd mix was not hungry either so I did not think much about it.. later Shayna went in and cleaned her bowl as well as Cookies..
WE  are sitting in the office early afternoon and I hear that noise that noise that tells me.. Someone is going to be really sick .. before I could Get Cookie outside she was vomiting all over the house.. in the 9 years I have had her I have never seen her do that...  she has thrown up before but not like that... it was like the Exorcist and what was kinda funny was  right after she  was like ... lets go play..... it was bizzare... we took her to the vet right away and  found out we caught her in the early stages of Colitis .. which is just a common bowl irritation.. so we made her rice and chicken and gave her her meds amd now she is snoozing in a chair.. hopefully she will be okay.... the vet said since we caught it early we should be fine ... he also gave me meds for Shayna and case she breaks with it too... it can be contagious between the two but not as bad as a upper resporatory infection... glad my girl is okay.. she is one of my loves... and I hate the idea she does not feel well... her tummy area is very tender the vet said but he also said with the meds he gave us it should clear up quickly... love my girls... and want them healthy.

..Was not expecting this adventure glad we have the best vet arund too..  was waiting on the phone guy to get here.. now that will happen tuesday morning...  
I am just pooped...   dinner will be soon and I see a early bedtime in my future..

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