Sunday, July 28, 2013


Things happen sometimes...that are just suppose to fall in a certain get to meet people that are sent to you.. Yesterday was one of those days for me... 
Are tv receiver had been acting up for a year.. Last week it was storming..and every lightning strike the screen would tin off but th sound would work... I finally called the home theatre guy and he came yesterday with a new receiver and rebuilt our whole system ...the guy who was suppose to come not so the owner of the company the day wore on we were chatting...and the conversation turned to consignment shops ...and then he started saying how he just lost 85 pounds.. And is on Medifast. His wife is too...they go to the clinic instead of doing tsfl... He also explained how much more expensive the clinic is too... It was so cool to talk to him .. He has a little bit more he wants to lose so he is still on his journey and like all of us still on the 5 & 1 he is concerned about transition and maintenance .....
That was a ment to be moment in my life .. It made me feel so fired up .. And good ..sure I am climbing the hill now ..and that's okay.. There will be peaks and valleys and I will survive it all!! And in the end be a Stronger..Better me..  

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