Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I really slept late today was so tired.. I guess our trip finally caught up with me.. and combined with TSFL it made me really tired... Soo here we are in day two... I started my day off with this..
Amazingly tasty and filling Brown Sugar and Cinnamon cereal sorta like a Cheerios type .. I also like the Berry one its is kinda like Fruit loops in a way.. it does have a bit of a vitamin taste to it but nothing really bad... The cereals really fill me up and I drink my water too so I am sure that helps..
This was my morning snack :
CHOCOLATE PUDDING :Filling and tasty will work with this to make it more fluffy ..

This will be lunch with a mini salad
MAC AND CHEESE : working on making my mac more like this instead of so creamy as happened yesterday the first time I tried it.. wish it were a bit more filling hence I am adding a little salad with it.. and I do mean little..
This will be my afternoon snack
BROWNIE:  that looks pretty good have not tried it yet...

Dinner is going to be a omelet  made with 2 cups of Egg Substitute plus chopped veggies and a Babybel wedge of light cheese. plus a mini salad.
my evening snack will be a sugar free 15 calorie fruit flavored popsicle by Popsicle brand and probably this:
 PARMESEAN PUFFS: this looks good too have not tried them yet either..

I just wanted to give an idea as to what the program offers food wise.. there are many more choices and I am working on trying those as you know.. these are stock photos.. the foods look pretty close to this.. so no real false advertising.. the food that has to be prepped does not look as perfect as these photos but I have a feeling as I work with them they will..

Day two is progressing nicely not as tired or ill filling... drinking my water... and eating roughly every 2 and a half to 3 hours ... 
In about 4 weeks I will start swimming again once my body has adapted to this lighter and leaner way of eating to get the weight off..
 I want to make something extremely clear... this is not a way of life.. the weight loss portion... this is an means to an end... getting the pounds off... once I am at my goal... I move to transition which  adds less of the packaged foods and more whole foods into my menu... then I slowly merge into maintenance eating mostly whole foods and if I want using some of the TSFL products to help along the way...   I like the plan... I also know eventually my foods will consist of Whole and Healthy choices... and because I am realistic a treat here or there... Its pretty simple in that .. that is how healthy people eat.... I hesitate to say normal.. because I am pretty sure there is no such thing as normal  . We each have to develop our own sense of normal.. anyways that's a ways off..
Right now.. I am creating my choices for a healthier life.. and using TSFL and the tools it offers to help get me there. ..
 You can say I see nothing lean and green here .. its all processed sugary looking foods or salty looking foods.. WHAT IS IT TEACHING YOU... well.. this part of the program is the weight loss end and TSFL/MEDIFAST wants it to be tolerable at the very least for you.. so they try to make desirable foods to make the first part of the journey smoother... that's just my thoughts...

You might say... Honi, Don't you think Weight Watchers would have been better or South Beach or whatever program you favor ... ??  and I would have to say .. No... WW works for a lot of people. its a great program so are other programs.. and I tried them over and over and over...... and I often had great starts.. and sloppy finishes.. by sloppy finishes I mean I gave up... got bored.. I dunno.. no excuses though..  it just did not work for me..
I did enter this with a lot of anxiety and trepidation  .. wondering if  I was setting myself up for failure.. but after thinking about...  I feel and hope I am on a good road.. a bit strict but in the long run.. I think this will be the  right adventure for me to a healthier self..not to mention I have a fabulous support system in my wonderful husband primarily and trust me for him to have faith in me yet again.. is so motivating for me.. I am so glad he knows this is what I want to do.. and supports me fully ..... and for the few friends that know outside of anyone who reads my blog which I doubt I have any readers any more.. lol I feel good ..

Now to the fun Tools:

Got all this today to help me on my way..


In other news... boy did I pull a ~I can not believe I really did that ~moment...  In my haze of  this new program and being exhausted from my trip I was doing laundry last night ... and emptied the suitcase into the wash.. Much to my chagrin .. My camera charger (canon) and my Ipad adapter to load photos on my Ipad and my small camera battery charger and my canon battery were in a little  neoprene case wrapped in a pair of jeans... YEP I washed them...  had to get new battery and canon charger oddly the Fuji charger seems fine... and will need to get new adapter I think eventually too.. sigh... .oh well... not much I can do about but shake my head.. and sigh..

That's it for now..

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