Friday, July 12, 2013


SOOO yesterday was just a draining day and I did not get to blog like I had hoped...   the new things on the menu were the BBQ bites and the PB soft serve... both are keepers..  today I tried the fruit and nut bar... mehhh not feeling the love... I gave it to my husband to eat... and he said it was ok... I ended up with a Smores crunch bar... kept me happy until lunch...  I have finally mastered the Mac and Cheese... after you follow packet directions... baking it in the oven  or toaster oven at 350 for 10 minutes really help with the consistency issue...  I pour the Mac and Cheese into a small ramekin and pop it in the toaster oven.... that is my go to lunch meal so far..
Well.. the weekend is knocking... and  I am pretty planned out and prepared.. my second order of food is on its way.. and I will dive into that as I run low with what I have already... ordered some new things to try too..

The heat and humidity of summer just sucks to me so much..  and I think my puppies agree... Shayna is sacked out by the air condition vent  and Cookie is my chair with the ceiling fan blowing on her..
I am drinking all my water ... it seems to help keep my core cool.  I am hoping the over all tired feeling will start to lift soon... 
Otherwise its all good.. 

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