Saturday, July 20, 2013


IN THE PAST . I know that I have  done great at the losing game... but along the way after I have done that part I forgot that I had to be on top of it... that I could not eat whatever I wanted...  So I am sure people  that know me have plenty of ammo to use against me  as being a failure in KEEPING weight off...  I am going to change that ..

 This is the point where the commitment is made to myself.. will I have have anything sweet or something rich ever again... in reality probably but here is what is changing... as I keep down this path... that I am on.. I am learning that that matters less and less... that the bites. the tastes.. are not near as important as the way I feel... and slowly I am coming out of the second week blues feeling better .
. I actually had the energy to wash one monster dog  and help with the second.. in this horrible southern heat..  I also know that in the end it does not matter what anyone thinks of me... or what I achieve what matters is that achieve all this for me... 

I have a lot of challanges...  I am around food 24/7  in our business I can pretty much handle that..  The Food shows can be hard. but I am planning  for them.. 

The out of town ones we will be traveling via car .. so I can load up my food.. ( a little worried about my water but how hard can water be to find where ever you are at ya know) .. and the in town ones I am going to load a cooler with what I can eat...

 All around me will be massive amounts of temptations.. from fried  chicken ( could be in the booth right facing me.. I mean an arms length away from me.. or could be a pizza vendor there... I hope its the coke lady I love her... water and diet coke at will baby.. lol.. plus her booth will hide everything from my line of sight.. sigh.. that never happens though... you name it .. it will be there.. in our booth alone there will be samplings of pies and  cakes and cookies , breads, muffins danishes and more... Every where you walk there will be something ... there... So I planned to come armed with what I can eat and make sure I get plenty of protein and my lean and green meal.. I have ideas what to do.. 

I helped package cookies for a sampling yesterday I had my hands on all kinds of cookies... a new portion of one of our lines... it was terribly hard to do as I was full from breakfast and had also recently had a snack... there were no bites are tasting... Its business...  

I think it also helps me to have a  husband who was diagnosed diabetic back in September.. He has lost about 25 pounds now and is usually very  deligent about what he eats... He is also uber supportive of me... and looks for ways to help me prepare my lean and green meal and keep it not boring... by substituting low salt diabetic approved rubs on meat and chicken.. as opposed to sweet bbq sauce.. I came up with a great cucumber salad...  chopped cucumbers,  tomatos and radishes with lemon juice  and a little balsamic vinegar..  laced with chopped fresh mint .. its wonderful... and an alternative to a simple salad..  My husband just found a Medifast recipe for lettuce wraps too... its good .. no its great to have this type of support... One week, One day ... One moment at a time... Monday is weigh day ... hope its good..

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