Monday, July 15, 2013


IWell I have been connected to
The monitor since 1030 this morning and it comes off at 1030 tomorrow have recorded multiple episodes so I guess that's good want to try and see what's going on with theses PCVs .. Sitting outside and waiting on the chicken and chops to
Grill .. My HUSBAND is a grill master.. We have a great grill by traeger .. 
It's electric uses an auger
Push wood pellets through .. You can smoke or
Just grill on it..  Well food has been great and I feel okay ..hoping each day gets stronger .. 

5 years ago today we lost my mom she died on the operating table having an AVR replacement it was her second one  the doctors did not realize that her scar tissue from the first surgery had adhered to her breast bone . When they went to
Open her up the old aortic valve disintegrated .. And that was that..the last words my mom said to us was I love and please take care of your heart... Ironic I am
Attached to this monitor right now on this date .. Miss and love you mom ... Working on taking care of my heart!!

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