Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Colorado

This trip has tested me beyond everything I have ever imagined .. Between the winds and no guard rails this has defied all boundaries I have ever had in my entire life 
Oh and let's not forget 75 mile an hour speed limits on roads that curve to. Defy gravity..😃


  1. I hope it isn't all gone by the time I get to go back. My aunt claims that those Californians are destroying the landscape and environment. I guess over the last decade western Colorado has a had a nice influx of wealthy elites From Cali with nothing better to do. Recently I heard Weld county wants to secede and become it's own state. Interesting! Roll through Crawford, Paonia, and Hotchkiss too if you can and Gunnison. Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your pics! Enjoy the ride, :)

  2. We were in that area yesterday we are in Leadville now then lyons tomorrow and then heading back to Alabama...